Cosmo City Entrepreneurs get a boost

Fifteen participants from Cosmo City, after intense selection interviews, were given the opportunity to gain entrepreneurship training through AIF’s ‘Give yourself a job’ programme, thanks to funding received from KPMG.

Cosmo City Multipurpose Centre’s staff and the community’s leaders assisted us in recruiting 15 people to take part in our ‘Give yourself a job’ programme. We conducted interviews to determine the motivation levels of each person to try and avoid drop-outs.

Classes began with two weeks of personal development training where participants were encouraged to explore their own talents and dream big. Through this process, we discovered that many of the participants had already ventured into business in the past but were very eager to try it again.

The course consists of both theory and practical work, which the participants thoroughly enjoyed. The theory included business planning, funding requirements, as well as financial management. Part of the practical side was a field trip to the KPMG offices where they had a chance to ask questions and had motivational stories told to them.

AIF donated R500 per participant to kick-start their businesses.

All participants graduated at the end of the programme, and each engaged in one-off business activities during the programme.

On completion, the participants started their businesses and continue running them, although some have been negatively affected by COVID-19.

Participants were to pitch their business ideas to KPMG staff and receive feedback that would give them valuable insight and information at their graduation, but this was cancelled due to COVID-19. We continue to monitor the participants and aim to provide them with enterprise development support going forward. We want to thank KPMG for its support with this project.

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