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We have tailored solutions for your needs

We believe that all elements of the B-BBEE
codes should work together to empower,
enable, and sustain its beneficiaries.

For this reason, we offer integrated and customised solutions that help bridge the gap between corporates and small businesses.

Formed in 2018, AIF Business Development supports the growth and development of small businesses and individuals. Our interventions help build sustainable small businesses that contribute to the economy through enterprise, enterprise supplier and socio-economic development programmes. Through our skills development partners, we aim to empower young people with the skills they need to start and run small businesses.

Our philosophy is to invest a lot of time building relationships with an entrepreneur and to provide both personal and business support. We get to know our SMEs and customise our approach – we do not use a generic programme. We provide the space and opportunity for small businesses to co-create solutions to the issues they face and hold them accountable, thereby driving them towards sustainability.

We primarily support small black-owned businesses with a specific focus on black women-owned businesses.

AIF is a not-for-profit company and has been registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the right to issue Section 18A certificates.

We have branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and we serve the entire South African market.


A return on investment is achieved when the SME is included in the supply chain and when the B-BBEE level is achieved.

End-to-end solution

We offer an end-to-end business development support solution.

Customised approach

The unique situation of each SME is considered when a programme is built.

Core business

Enterprise and supplier development programmes are linked to the core business.

Link to markets

Once ED and SD programmes are completed, support continues. SME joins network ecosystem.

Not-for-profit company

And we are registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO)

18A Certificate

As we are a PBO, we have the right to issue Section 18A tax-deductible certificates

Level 1 B-BBEE

We are a Level 1 B-BBEE company

Procurement recognition

We have a 135% procurement recognition


We have achieved a 100% verification success rate.

The Team

AIF Business Development is managed by seven highly skilled and dedicated people who have all worked in development in one way or another. We are all passionate about seeing small businesses grow and thrive, and we are eager to address South Africa’s struggling economy and high unemployment rate. We aim to change the status quo.

We understand the needs and struggles of the entrepreneurs we work with as we have gone through all the pains and pleasures of a start-up: AIF was started on a shoestring and was self-funded.

The team is complemented by 15 coaches and mentors who are industry experts in their fields and have been handpicked to ensure they not only fit into AIF’s values and ethos but provide our SMEs with the support, information, and resources they need to succeed.

AIF Business Development

Vision, Mission, Values

We aim to achieve an unblemished record of honesty, integrity, delivery, value and fair play with all stakeholders. Under no circumstances will we deviate from these values. 

Our Values


We understand the needs and struggles of an entrepreneur and provide and implement creative solutions to the problems they experience.


We always follow through with what we promise or say we will do.


We believe in the necessity of economic transformation and do what we can to address it.


We are stewards and custodians of funds and act in the best interests of all parties and stakeholders involved.

AIF Business Development - Our Mission & Vision

Vision: Giving people hope for the future by building sustainable small businesses that provide employment and assists in building the economy.

Mission: To empower small businesses to become economically sustainable by implementing impactful enterprise, supplier, and socio-economic development programmes. Through coaching, mentorship, business support services, entrepreneurship training, online skills training, and access to new markets, small businesses and individuals are enabled to grow and thrive.

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AIF Business Development

Enabling small business sustainability through the development of People, Process and Technology


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