Enterprise Development

Your company’s enterprise and supplier development spend can be used to create jobs and build sustainable long-term economic growth for small businesses through our enterprise development programme comprising financial and non-financial support.

Enterprise development programmes aim to transfer skills, knowledge, experience, wealth, and support to small and medium black-owned businesses, ultimately leading to job creation and sustainable long-term economic growth.

Small businesses are critical to the South African economy. However, 80% of start-ups fail in the first three years, largely due to a lack of support. The survival rate of a start-up is increased through an incubation process, such as ours, which assists small businesses in becoming sustainable over time.

The money you spend on B-BBEE is an investment not only in the company but also in the economy. We can help you select SMEs to support that will ultimately graduate to become your suppliers. The support they receive helps to build SMEs that are better able to deliver efficiently and effectively.

We offer the following services to our Partners:

  • Source SMEs;
  • SME needs analysis;
  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • ED and ESD agreements;
  • Procurement of assets for SMEs;
  • Deliver business services to SMEs; and
  • Submission of an audit file for verification purposes.

Note: any money spent on Enterprise Development cannot be claimed simultaneously as Supplier Development

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